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CAPT Center for Applications of Psychological Type
Fostering human
understanding through
training, publishing,
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MMTIC® Certification Program

Featured CAPT Publications
The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child
Learn how to allow introverted children to discover their strengths and succeed in an extroverted world. This is a great guide for you or any parent of an introverted child.
Discovering Type with Teens
A comprehensive guide for presenting the MBTI instrument and type theory to teens. Included CD-Rom contains type tables, handouts, and feedback strategies to mount a successful and effective educational program.
Intimacy and Type
Learn to use the principles of psychological type to understand how your, your partner's or your client's individual personalities impact their interactions in relationships.
A Princess and Her Garden
Cultivate a new life story and learn to love and take care of yourself while caring for the people around you.
Depth Coaching
Discover your own hero's journey and how to encourage others on their paths to self-understanding and discovering their true potential.
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