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CAPT Center for Applications of Psychological Type
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MMTIC® Certification Program

Featured CAPT Publications
Building People, Building Programs
A comprehensive resource book for beginning and experienced MBTI practitioners. Learn techniques and language for introducing type and type dynamics to clients and in organizations, ways to interpret results, and help clients choose a best-fit type.
Great Minds Don't Think Alike!
Through the authors’ practical insights into psychological type and distinct learning styles, transform the classroom into a place where children become engaged in the learning process. Includes Resource CD-ROM reproducible handouts, exercises, and support materials.
Type Talk at Work
Learn to recognize and better understand type in the workplace to improve teamwork, understanding between employees, and productivity.
Intimacy and Type
Give couples common ground for understanding how their individual personalities impact their interactions in relationships through psychological type.
Discovering Type with Teens
A comprehensive step-by-step program that helps you introduce psychological type to teens in any setting. Includes CD-Rom of type tables, handouts, and feedback strategies to make mounting a successful educational program easier and more effective.
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