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CAPT Center for Applications of Psychological Type
Fostering human
understanding through
training, publishing,
and research.
MMTIC® Certification Program

Featured CAPT Publications
The Developing Child
Develop positive relationships with the children by learning about the characteristics of the different psychological types. Examples are used to show how psychological type theory applies to daily life.
Finding the Zone
Discover a new set of learning pathways to help open the door to the zone experience in your daily life.
Self-Promotion for Introverts
Learn the art of self-promotion without bragging to help yourself or other introverts gain career advancement and visibility.
The Art of Dialogue
Learn to use MBTI type to transform communication into clearer and more productive messages.
Work, Play, and Type
Learn to understand how different type approach they way they work and play and how you can find a healthy balance in your life.
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