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CAPT Center for Applications of Psychological Type
Fostering human
understanding through
training, publishing,
and research.
MMTIC® Certification Program

Featured CAPT Publications
A Princess and Her Garden
A beautifully illustrated fable that reflects the stories of those who learn to put other people's needs before your own. This unique journaling experience helps cultivate a new life story in which you love both yourself and those closest to you.
Persephone Rising
Illuminates age-old wisdom for a modern audience, offering meaningful and effective strategies to answer the call to heroism in our own lives: to locate and harness the unique potential within ourselves, and develop our own innate heroic gifts.
Type Tales
Four charming tales about canine friends Millie and Momo written for children grades one through five to address type in a way children will understand.
People Types and Tiger Stripes
Best-selling resource for anyone interested in personality type and learning styles.
Discovering Type with Teens
Includes all the resources you need to successfully introduce personality type to the teenagers you work with in any group setting.
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