What story are you living? What characters are you playing?

Shakespeare wrote "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women players." Though we can choose any number of parts to play in the stories of our lives, we often cast ourselves in the same roles, without being aware we're doing it. Psychologists (like Carl Jung) and writers (such as Joseph Campbell) call these recurrent roles archetypes.

Jung believed there are "as many archetypes as there are situations in life"—yet each of us may unconsciously use just a few of these roles, even in situations where a different approach would be more appropriate. The many unused archetypes deep within us are like buried treasure, waiting for discovery.

Now modern psychology has provided us with a map to our hidden archetypal treasures—the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® . The scientifically validated PMAI® measures twelve different archetypes (Lover, Seeker, Magician, Creator, and others), highlighting those you typically rely on, and guiding you to discover and manage new roles, new strategies, and new success in your relationships, career, and life satisfaction.

A few minutes completing the PMAI online can help you consciously leverage the power of archetypes to:

  • Develop successful life strategies and put away ones no longer needed
  • Better connect and communicate with others
  • Energize new relationships and revitalize existing ones
  • Understand career frustrations and find new directions
  • Understand yourself and realize your full potential

After completing the PMAI online, you will immediately receive your personal archetype profile, showing your dominant and shadow archetypes. You'll also receive a copy of Introduction to Archetypes, filled with detailed descriptions of each of the twelve archetypes and suggestions on how to "cast" them for a new, richer, more successful life story. More detailed guidance is presented in the book What Story Are You Living?.