If you're searching for anything in the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial (IBMM) Library, just ask MILO. Mary & Isabel's Library Online MILO® catalog is your guide to books, articles, theses, and more on psychological type and the MBTI® instrument within the IBMM Library.

The MILO catalog is the official archive of the Journal of Psychological Type® (JPT) and of TypeFace, the magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type. We are adding new materials all the time.

If you would like help, the will be happy to help you conduct searches and access materials.

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The MILO catalog was added to make it easier for researchers and students everywhere to access our collection. Many items are available for download, but for others you will need a MILO Account. With an account, you can obtain materials using the [Reserve] button in the item's description. The librarian will process your reservation and contact you via email. To create an account, send the Library your full name, location (city and state or country), and your preferred email.

PDFs provided by the IBMM library are research copies only and are not to be duplicated. Our policy is to provide access to research documents for free. Certain documents may have an additional fee depending upon processing involved.

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