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Customer Service

Representatives from the Customer Service Department process orders from
CAPT's catalog, which features over 300 products. . . from books. . . to multi-
media presentations. . . to materials for trainers.

Topics range from those of general interest to the MBTI® community, to such specialty areas as education, counseling and development, careers, families, and spirituality.

Our Customer Service Representatives guide people with individual interests
through a variety of topics. They also assist trainers and consultants by making recommendations for the best materials to help plan and organize a program or workshop.

  • Visit our catalog section on this website to read about specific products or,
  • Call CAPT at 800.777.2278 or 352.375.0160, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.
  • Orders may also be processed by FAX at 352.378.0503
  • Written requests can be made through US mail to:
    605 NW 53rd Avenue
    Suite A6
    Gainesville, FL, 32609

Training and Workshops

CAPT presents workshops and advanced programs designed for consultants, trainers, and MBTI practitioners. Many of these programs provide CE credits, and a complete listing can be found in Training and Workshops.

For more information about CAPT training, call one of CAPT's Training Representatives at 800.777.2278, or email us at .


Since 1975, the CAPT Research Department has been engaged in ongoing research on psychological type, the MBTI® instrument and related topics�and provides consultation to researchers with shared interests.

The Isabel Briggs Memorial Library is the largest single collection of MBTI related materials in the world. The library is not a lending library and is most frequently used by graduate students working on dissertations or researchers doing literature reviews.

Mary & Isabel's Library Online MILO® catalog: Your online access point for the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library. If you're searching for anything in our collection, just ask MILO. You'll find books, articles, theses and more on the topics of psychological type and the MBTI instrument. More items and information are being added daily.

The MILO catalog is an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that was added to the library in 2013 to make accessing the holdings easier for researchers and students everywhere. The will be happy to help you conduct searches through our vast collection.