CAPT Research Projects

CAPT is involved in ongoing research projects related to psychological type, the MBTI® and MMTIC® instruments, and Jungian psychology. Broadly, CAPT encourages and supports:

  1. Quality research on ethical and appropriate uses of psychological type, Jungian constructs (e.g., archetypes), and related topics. In principle, this means CAPT is interested in exploring research and practices that affirm and value human differences and their constructive use, and that support individual development and the rights and freedoms of individuals and groups—rather than restricting the same.
  2. Activities that educate, support and mentor new generations of researchers (as well as researchers new to type) who are interested in and capable of carrying out quality research.
  3. The publication of credible research in mainstream academic journals, in addition to less formal public venues. See Suggestions for Publishing Your Research/Article for more information on finding an appropriate venue to publish your research.
Here are some of CAPT's past and current projects, as well as research topics that appeal to our desire (1) to better understand type and Jungian constructs, and (2) to see those ideas used with people in ways that are humane and growth-oriented.

Past and current projects
  • Implicit and explicit assessments of type and best-fit type
  • Convergent validity studies of the MBTI instrument and MMTIC instrument
  • Impact on student academic performance from introducing type into classrooms
  • The role of type in older adults’ driving self-assessments
  • An examination of consensus in expert descriptions of the function-attitudes
  • Testing heightened biological sensitivity and acuity in the Sensing preference
  • The role of type preferences and type similarity in empathy
  • Type profiles of Amazon MTurk workers who participate in social science research
  • Best fit session best practice: affirmation of true self and differences in others
  • Adult type development, individuation, and authenticity

Topics that interest our research department
  • Research on type dynamics, based in the Jung model, the Jung-Myers model, and/or on the MBTI instrument
  • Studies of type development, including correlates, predictors, and facilitators
  • Sophisticated studies of type, the MBTI instrument and the five-factor model—i.e., studies that involve more than simple correlations between the two models, or how the models serve different functions
  • Best practices in feedback and clarification of best-fit type
  • Relationships of type to Jungian concepts, e.g., complexes, archetypes, individuation
  • Research using the MMTIC assessment with teachers, school children, and/or parents, e.g., type learning styles of children and impact to parental support/guidance
  • Research using the PMAI® assessment, e.g., in type development, self-growth, clarifying decisions, understanding motivation, archetypes and parenting/leading/vocation, etc.
  • Qualitative research exploring the lived meaning of whole types, e.g., types and life narratives, coping skills, communication in intimate relationships, etc.
  • Research exploring whole types as opposed to discrete preference functions, e.g., research using quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the behaviors and/or lived experiences of four-letter (whole) types or dominant Jungian function types.

The Myers and Briggs Foundation supports CAPT's research activities.