KGI® Leadership and Team Assessment

About the KGI® Assessment

Learn how the KGI® assessment helps both individuals and teams improve performance in key areas of leadership, constructive negotiation, task execution, and interpersonal relations.

KGI® Assessment for You

Effective teamwork begins with you. The KGI assessment is designed for those who want to improve their leadership and group skills. Results present step-by-step improvement strategies.

KGI® Assessment for Teams

The KGI assessment is an excellent tool for helping teams evaluate and improve the skills and behaviors required for outstanding performance. Each member receives two reports to support a dynamic team-building process.

Preparing to Take the KGI

The approach you use when answering KGI questions has an impact on your results. Learn more about the two perspectives you can take when answering questions.

Sample Reports

There are two types of KGI reports, the KGI® Individual Profile and the KGI® Group Profile.

Purchase the KGI

Available online for both individuals and groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how to use the KGI assessment.

KGI Downloads

Gain access to useful support materials for learning more about the KGI assessment.

Use with the MBTI®

The KGI assessment is highly correlated with the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment. The KGI® Manual describes how these two instruments can be effectively used together.

KGI Training

KGI training allows you to practice administering, interpreting, and giving feedback on the KGI instrument, and to experience ways to apply the tool in coaching, team and leadership development, and even couples and career counseling.