KGI® for You

Strengthening your leadership and group skills can make you more successful in business, organizational, and educational settings.

Klein Group Instrument® results deliver an objective analysis of your current strengths and challenges, and offer a blueprint for refining your performance.

If you are motivated to improve your leadership and team skills, the KGI® assessment can act as a springboard for increasing your effectiveness.

The KGI assessment serves as a powerful leadership development and team participation tool for a variety of individuals:

  • Executives and team leaders seeking broader leadership skills and more effective leadership styles
  • Leaders in new positions faced with poor team performance
  • Succession plan candidates and high potential employees
  • Team members who want to better contribute to performance and morale
  • Team leaders seeking to prevent or resolve team conflicts
  • Results-focused individuals who need to round out their "people skills"
  • Leaders whose interpersonal skills exceed their abilities to get results

Each person who purchases a KGI® Individual Administration and takes the assessment receives a comprehensive KGI® Individual Profile that includes the following:

  • Detailed personalized feedback, showing score graphs for all KGI scales and subscales
  • Detailed narrative feedback (What You Enjoy, What You Find Difficult or Challenging, and Behaviors That May Help You Grow) for the nine KGI subscales
  • A KGI® User's Guide for navigating the report and putting the results to work

Online administration and automatic scoring and downloadable electronic reports make the KGI assessment a fast, effective means for discovering, leveraging, and developing individual and team strengths.

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