MBTI® Step III - Type Development Tool

About the MBTI® Step III Work

The MBTI® Step III assessment and report are designed to help people develop their type as fully as possible. Used only with trained professionals, dialog is at the very core of the Step III experience.

Requirements for Use

The MBTI® Step III Interpretive Report is for use in counseling or coaching settings. Professional users must meet certain educational and experiential criteria before being approved to attend the Step III training program.

MBTI® Step III Development

Isabel Myers envisioned a type development assessment very early in her career. A collaborative effort was begun in 2002 to complete this important work, with publication taking place in June of 2009.

MBTI® Step III Sample Report

The MBTI® Step III Interpretive Report is written directly to the client using "non-type" language. The counselor helps the client process the statements generated to address their current level of self-confidence, approach to difficulties, sources of enjoyment, and more.

MBTI® Step III Certification Training

Before registering for this 2-day class you must meet the Requirements for Use and complete the MBTI® Step III Professional Requirements Form.

Purchase MBTI® Step III Assessment

This instrument is available for purchase only to those who have successfully completed the MBTI® Step III Certification Program.

MBTI® Step III Scoring

Scoring for the MBTI® Step III assessment is available only through the CAPT Scoring Center.