Career Counselor's Package

Career Counselor's Package
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Reinventing careers is especially important these days, and this package provides the right mix of CAPT handouts, exercises, and booklets necessary to create a successful workshop or individual career counseling session.

Learn how the KGI® assessment helps strengthen leadership and group skills, which can help make you and your clients more successful in business, organizational, and educational settings.

This package gives you a comprehensive set of practical tools to take clients through the process of using type as a way to find their best-fit career.

The Career Counselor's Package includes:

  • The Klein Group Instrument® for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams by Robert R. Klein, one individual administration. This assessment can be used with individuals and teams to improve productivity and success in team.
  • Looking at Type®: Your Career (pack of 10) by Charles Martin, links MBTI® type to interests, values, and skills to help gain insight into possible career paths.
  • Making Effective Career Decisions (pack of 10) by Charles Martin, helps individuals understand their MBTI® type as it relates to career choices.
  • What's Your Career Search Style? (pack of 25) by Charles Martin, is intended for first-time job seekers and individuals reassessing their career to help build self-awareness and enhance career search effectiveness.

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