MBTI® Step III™ Manual

Exploring Personality Development Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument
 Isabel Briggs MyersMary H. McCaulleyNaomi L. QuenkAllen L. HammerWayne D. Mitchell
MBTI® Step III™ Manual
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From the beginning of her work with psychological type, Isabel Briggs Myers was interested in and placed an emphasis on type development. As she tested items for inclusion in the early forms of the MBTI assessment, Myers began to identify response patterns that related people's effectiveness in the use of perception and judgment. Her vision from the start was to present the material of what we now call the Step III as an important individualized tool for the professional counselors to use with clients. The MBTI® Step III™ Manual is an essential companion for understanding the strategies and use of rich and important aspects of Step III concepts.

The manual is included in the tuition for the MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program, successful completion of which is required for the purchase and use of the Step III instrument. The manual can also be purchased separately, and can be an important addition to an MBTI library as a tool for understanding deeper components of Myers' work.

152 pages Paperback
2009 Distributed Product