Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) Instrument and Book (print version)

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Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) Instrument and Book (print version)
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The print version of the PMAI® is self-scorable and comes with everything needed to understand your results.

The PMAI instrument is designed to provide you with a unique perspective on how the stories you enact every day affect such things as the decisions you make and the goals you do (or don't) pursue.

The PMAI questionnaire looks at 12 different themes, those that resonate with all people of all cultures. Each theme is named for its central character (or archetype) and that character's way of influencing you. If the Innocent is active in your life, you assume that every cloud has a silver lining. The Orphan assumes that it pays to be careful, the Warrior that the tough prevail.

We see these characters in the news we watch, the novels we read and the movies we go to, but until the PMAI was developed, there was no way to gain insight into your preferred archetypes. When you understand your story, you have the power and ability to keep it, or to change it.

The questionnaire and individualized scoring sheet are packaged and sold with the 64-page book, Introduction to Archetypes, all the materials necessary to achieve the benefits of exploring a personal archetypal journey. Multipacks for trainers and counselors are also available. The PMAI instrument may also be taken online. Online administration includes a comprehensive scoring report and a .pdf version of Introduction to Archetypes. The PMAI is an unrestricted instrument.

There are no prerequisites for individuals to purchase and take the PMAI instrument.

2002 CAPT
ISBN 0-935652-67-1
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-67-3

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