Looking at Type® Talking Points

A Trainer's Introductory Workshop Script
 Jane A. G. Kise
Looking at Type® Talking Points
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This ready-to-go script, designed for an introductory MBTI® workshop, is written in an easy to use speech-style format. It includes all of the information necessary for an effective presentation. The sixteen personality preferences are clearly outlined and the script includes several sample exercises. Throughout the script, the trainer will find prompt points where personal stories or examples can be added. This script can be used as a stand alone product, although it has been designed to accompany the Looking at Type® (LAT) PowerPoint presentation. For information, on the ways this script can be combined with other products, refer to related products below.

Note: This product was previously titled, "Type in a Nutshell".

42 pages Loose-leaf sheets
2005 CAPT