Exploring Personality Type: Discovering My Best And Your Best

 Elizabeth Murphy
Exploring Personality Type: Discovering My Best And Your Best
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Written at the elementary school level, Exploring Personality Type: Discovering My Best and Your Best is about how students might like to learn, think, and act. This is a great resource to help children better understand their MMTIC® results and psychological type at home or in the classroom.

Students will see themselves in some of the descriptions of different personality types and learning styles. They may find that one of the descriptions feels right for them. They may also see some things that might be true about some of their friends, parents, or even teachers as they read the pages inside. Also included are type verification activities and journal logs to help them understand their personality type preferences and choose their best-fit type.

Each of us has different things we like to do, things we do well, and things we wish we could do a little better. This book will help them discover and understand those things about themselves to help make learning easier and fun.

46 pages Paperback
2008 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-83-3

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