Looking at Type® Training Kit

 Earle C. Page
Looking at Type® Training Kit
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This three-part training kit provides the perfect combination of tools for an explanation of psychological type to individuals and groups. It has been designed for both MBTI® and MMTIC® consultants, facilitators, teachers, and other professionals who want a complete system for presenting an easy-to-use introductory workshop or feedback session.

The CD-ROM PowerPoint® presentation uses concise and descriptive words for each of the preference scales. It engages workshop participants or students through situational _images, effectively comparing and explaining the differences between type preferences. The _images are clear and easily grasped. This presentation is appropriate for use with a wide range of clients and is recommended for middle/junior and high school levels.

The Looking at Type® Talking Points script is designed for to use as a companion to the Looking at Type PowerPoint presentation. It can be used as is, or customized through the use of personal examples.

The Looking at Type® introductory booklet, originally written by Earle C. Page, has been a long time favorite for MBTI professionals because of the clear and concise language it uses to describe psychological type. This booklet is included in the training kit as a sample teaching tool.

Revised edition.

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