The 4 Temperaments

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The 4 Temperaments
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To make psychological type easier to understand it is often useful to use the model of temperament; which describes four distinct patterns of behavior using the MBTI preference scales of NF, NT, SJ, and SP. This video series examines each of the temperaments in a way that provides practical insight into personality behavior. Designed to train (and entertain), the four distinct approaches allow participants to identify and understand the underlying motivation for each of the four temperaments.

Features of The 4 Temperaments include:

  • The quest, style, Achilles' heel and motto of each Temperament
  • Each Temperament's approach to leadership, rules—and even home decor
  • A short and extended version of each Temperament
  • Applicable actions and a host of engaging stories
  • A DVD feature of Otto Kroeger's 1995 "4 Temperaments" presentations

  • 2 disk set
    4 hours DVD
    2004 Distributed Product

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