5-D Leadership

Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World
 Scott CampbellEllen Samiec
5-D Leadership
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Corporate America spends more than $10 billion a year on leadership training, and executive offices are jam-packed with books on the topic. So why aren't leaders leading effectively? There remains an ever-widening chasm between the flexible leadership organizations require and the one-dimensional skills leaders too often bring to today's complex business challenges. 5-D Leadership closes the gap by exposing what it takes to be a successful leader: continual shifting between various leadership approaches to respond to each unique situation. Campbell and Samiec explore the five key leadership dimensions employed by the most successful leaders today: commanding, visioning, enrolling, relating, and coaching. Through profiles of seven common business challenges, they detail when and how to use each dimension and the concrete actions required to achieve specific strategic objectives.

250 pages Hardcover
2005 Distributed Product
ISBN 0-89106-197-5

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