Working Relationships

Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Effectiveness with Others
 Bob Wall

Working Relationships
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No matter how good people are at what they do, no matter how talented, skilled, or knowledgeable they are, the most important factor—and often the most frustrating challenge—in determining their success and satisfaction in the workplace is their ability to forge effective relationships at work. Most people quit or lose their jobs not because of their performance but because of interpersonal problems. Working Relationships looks beneath the layers of silence and avoidance that often characterize poor work relationships, shows how to get people talking, and offers positive guidelines for building healthy cooperation among employees. Illustrating a thoughtful, constructive process through lively examples and more than thirty helpful exercises, this book shows readers how to depersonalize workplace conflict, expand their influence, and build trust with others.

231 pages Paperback
2008 Distributed Product
ISBN 13 978-0-89106-188-5

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