Co-Active Coaching

New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life
 Laura WhitworthHenry Kimsey-HousePhil Sandhal

Co-Active Coaching
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Today's working professionals—from Fortune 100 executives to the self-employed—are clamoring for help as they struggle to find a more balanced life, increase their self-awareness, and manage stress. Co-Active Coaching presents a revolutionary collaborative approach that allows client and coach to work together to identify both work-related and personal areas of development. Developed by three pioneers and leading authorities in the coaching field, this new model was created for professional coaches who want to increase their proficiency as well as for those interested in integrating coaching skills into their consulting practice. A comprehensive "coach's toolkit" provides more than two dozen instructive coaching dialogues and examples; skill-building exercises to develop co-active coaching techniques; coaching tips and traps; and worksheets, exercises, and forms to use with clients. Second edition.

265 pages Paperback
2007 Distributed Product
ISBN 13 978-0-89106-198-4

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