I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You

The Real Meaning of the 16 Personality Types
 Roger R. PearmanSarah C. Albritton

I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You
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The authors apply the 16 personality types to everyday situations — working, loving, parenting, and communicating with friends and colleagues — vividly illustrating how our personality preferences color our perceptions and experience. They explain how to recognize and value differences without letting them get in the way of our relationships, how to recognize interpersonal blind spots, and how to communicate successfully with others.


"Differences matter. From crib to the boardroom, from the golf course to the bedroom, differences matter. In this second edition of I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, Pearman and Albritton bring up-to-date research to push our understanding of those differences to a whole new level. Their thinking challenges us to be proactive in our relationships and they give us the tools to be successful."

—William W. Sternberg, Senior Fellow, Leadership Education (ret), Center for Creative Leadership


"The acceptance of difference—a commitment to tolerance and listening to others without assumptions—is a theme for our times. This book is a guide for greater understanding in the next decade of rapid changes across generations and different global cultures."

—Dr. Sally Campbell, Partner of S.A. Campbell Associates and former President of the British Association for Psychological Type


232 pages Paperback
2010 Distributed Product
ISBN 13 978-1-85788-552-1

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