Intimacy and Type

Building Enduring Relationships by Embracing Personality Differences
 Jane Hardy JonesRuth G. Sherman
Intimacy and Type
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A good relationship with another person is one of the most essential ingredients for a satisfying life. Nurturing that relationship so it will grow is not always easy—it’s good to have help!

Intimacy and Type uses the principles of psychological type to give couples common ground for understanding how their individual personalities impact their interactions in relationships. You can’t change the personality of your partner, but you can learn better approaches for framing your words and actions so the result is constructive rather than destructive.

This book was originally written as a resource for counseling professionals, and is now revised so that it also speaks to the everyday person who just wants to understand more about themselves and their love partner. It includes very practical information, with clarifying examples regarding common conflict areas, hints to overcome them, and in-depth examinations of how all the various types interact.

This book gives counselors and individuals a new approach for embracing differences (and similarities) that can positively enhance intimate relationships.

Second edition.

220 pages Paperback
2011 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-92-5

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