Recovery From Loss

A Personalized Guide to the Grieving Process
 Gary L. HarbaughLewis Tagliaferre
Recovery From Loss
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The process of grief is different for everyone and understanding how those differences are manifested in actions and thoughts can be the key to healing from the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of loss. Through Mr. Tagliaferre's insightful perspective of his own poignant journey and Dr. Harbaugh's MBTI expertise, readers gain a meaningful set of guideposts for dealing with loss and grief. Dr. Harbaugh details twenty steps through the process of grief, and Mr. Tagliaferre offers his personal journaling process following the untimely death of his wife. Readers are offered a logical yet compassionate path to guide them through one of the most difficult situations life has to offer.

230 pages Paperback
2001 CAPT
ISBN 0-935652-56-6
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-56-7

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