Juris Types

Learning Law through Self-Understanding
 Don C. PetersMartha M. Peters
Juris Types
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Written by law school professors and psychological type experts Don and Martha Peters, Juris Types: Learning Law Through Self-Understanding goes beyond general study tips to help you find learning strategies ideally suited to your unique personality. Juris Types includes a CD-ROM of reproducible step-by-step exercises to help guide you through each chapter. You will discover your own methods to better organize your time, study effectively, and prepare for and perform successfully on tests. An indispensable tool for maximum law school success with a minimum of stress.

Praise for Juris Types:

"A specific and individualized focus . . . This useful guide has the potential to change the lives of bewildered and frustrated law students. The book should be required reading for all law students and any faculty member or administrator who works with law students."

—Ruth A. Witherspoon, Associate Dean, Florida A&M Law School

"We've made Juris Types a central component of our law school's orientation and executive coaching programs. A much-needed guide to knowledge of self and others, and professional development for law students and lawyers."

—Leary Davis, Founding Dean, Elon University School of Law

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2007 CAPT
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