Pathways to Integrity

Ethics and Psychological Type
 Blake Burleson
Pathways to Integrity
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Life presents us with many ambiguous situations in which we ask ourselves two fundamental questions: "What should I do?" and "How should I decide?" Psychological type affects our habitual patterns of ethical choice making—patterns that can be made conscious, leading to expanded knowledge of self and to greater moral integration and wholeness. College and high school classes and community discussion groups will find rich and user-friendly ways to study the complexity of "seeking the good" and "doing what's right." Dr. Burleson uses highly readable examples (drawn from "Star Trek" and renowned national sports figures) to help readers understand how the Sensing, Intuition, Thinking, and Feeling functions assist us in answering ethical questions.

128 pages Paperback
2001 CAPT
ISBN 0-935652-64-7
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-64-2