Ideas and Evidence

Critical Reflections on MBTI® Theory and Practice
 Rowan Bayne
Ideas and Evidence
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Author Rowan Bayne evaluates and explores theory and practice in the world of the MBTI instrument. Bayne delves into a variety of type-related topics and prompts readers to examine the research surrounding personality terminology and descriptors. Discover how MBTI theory relates to critical thinking and research skills. Bayne's challenges and insights will prompt MBTI professionals to stretch and examine their understanding of the Indicator.

With critical observation, evaluation, and sometimes a dry wit, Rowan Bayne in his latest book analyzes evidence from a variety of sources in a sleuthlike investigation of the central aspects of Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) theory and practice. This is a book of merit for practitioners and researchers as well as those with a general interest in personality type.

Praise for Ideas and Evidence
"As a research scientist, Dr. Bayne takes readers to a new level of sophistication in considering the tenets of psychological type. That he does so while giving his readers the sense of participating in a fireside chat rather than a boring lecture or treatise, is a testament to his ability to make principles of critical thinking and scientific skepticism seem not only common sense, but interesting."

—Tom Carskadon, Ph.D.,Editor, Journal of Psychological Type


"In a masterful writing style, Rowan Bayne has accomplished an intellectual work of art for anyone interested in or working with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment tool. Even those mildly interested in typology need this book nearby as a ready reference."

—Otto Kroeger, Author and MBTI Consultant


"In a balanced approach, Bayne asks us to challenge our own assumptions, to review the different kinds of evidence, and to examine both the lore of type as well as ongoing quantitative data. In doing so, we become better able to distinguish between theory and fact, and we become more informed and ethical users of type."

—Charles Martin, Ph.D., Coauthor, Building People, Building Programs


"Rowan Bayne thoughtfully circles the entire territory of type, asking many questions about the theory, research, and practice. His style gives the reader a sense of being in dialogue with him regarding many important type topics."
—Judy Provost, Ed.D. LMHC, NCC, Professor Graduate Studies in Counseling, Rollins College

About the Author
Rowan Bayne Ph.D. (INFP) is the author of Psychological Types at Work: An MBTI Perspective (Thomson, 2004) and has written, co-written, and co-edited ten other books. He teaches counseling in the School of Psychology at the University of East London, UK, and has studied, taught, and investigated MBTI theory for twenty-five years.

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