Let's Split the Difference

Your Guide to Clarifying the Differences between Similiar Types
 Susan Nash
Let's Split the Difference
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Understanding the subtle differences between similar personality types can be a challenge. Susan Nash’s book, Let's Split the Difference, is designed as a resource for trainers, consultants, coaches, and leaders to help individuals assess their best-fit type, and gain greater access to their innate strengths.

To help in that sorting process, Nash explores the "lenses of type" as a way to reveal the often understated differences between types. The functions and attitudes are used to illustrate information gathering and decision making preferences, and the "hierarchy of functions" help us understand how these cognitive processes manifest for each personality type. Exploring interaction styles uncovers how we engage with others and what pattern of aims, beliefs, and energy we most identify with.

In-depth comparisons of type pairs reveal the unique properties of each type through general observations, temperament, stress responses, information gathering, and orientation to the external world. Viewing behaviors through these perspectives provides a practical way for practitioners to help their clients come to a better understanding of their best-fit type.

183 pages Paperback
2009 Distributed Product
ISBN 13 9780956327901