Finding the Zone

A Whole New Way to Maximize Mental Potential
 Gordon D. Lawrence
Finding the Zone
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“In the zone” – we know it when it happens, especially if we just let go. Our senses are heightened, our minds are clear, our vision is focused, and everything blends in a way that makes our work seem almost effortless.

The “zone” is elusive but in Finding the Zone, author and renowned type expert Gordon Lawrence, demonstrates how we can learn to cultivate zone experiences in our daily lives. To “bring on the zone” we need to tap into the investigative mind that we all possess but is often difficult to access.

Lawrence says the zone experience is blocked by deep-seated assumptions about the way we learn, and he calls for a reexamination of these presumed mental processes. Rather than being unformed and a blank slate at birth, Lawrence gives evidence that we are born with an investigative and organized mind that naturally seeks to learn. And we each have different mindsets – unique hard-wired ways of thinking. Recognizing and building on these natural characteristics opens the door to the zone.

Lawrence explores the fundamentals of mental processing through the principles of personality type, giving clear descriptions of zone conditions for each type (and archetype), both at work and at play. Using the context of type helps us understand motivational patterns and learn how the zone phenomenon can be the key to better teaching and parenting.

Absorbing Lawrence’s detailed and inviting analysis of the zone experience gives us the tools to summon that experience in all walks of life.

"Finding the Zone is an essential read for any parent or educator who believes that curiosity, engagement, and critical thinking--not test scores--are the true keys to a purposeful life... A fascinating read that builds a foundation for helping each of us reach our full potential."

—Jane Kise, EdD, Differentiated Coaching Associates, LLC, author and education consultant


"Simply put, Lawrence's book is an insightful and innovative blueprint for managers to use to unlock and maximize the talents of employees. It is a clear and eloquent thesis on the kind of humane and energizing environment needed in the 21st century workplace."

—Cole L. Saxon, Jr., CEO, Agri-America Marketing, Inc.


"This book deserves to be read by all managers and teachers. It provides a clear-cut path towards more effective performance, and explains why it works."

—Paul R. Lawrence, professor emeritus of organizational behavior, Harvard Business School


239 pages Paperback
2010 Distributed Product
ISBN 13 978-1-61614-161-5

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