What Stories Are You Living?

Discover Your Archetypes–Transform Your Life!
 Carol S. Pearson
What Stories Are You Living?
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Renowned archetype expert Carol S. Pearson guides you through the journey of discovering and understanding the archetypes active in your life. These universal themes may be invisible to you now but through this book you will learn how they inspire the behaviors and relationships that drive your life story. As you become conscious of your archetypal potential, you can cultivate the hero or heroine within you by living your stories consciously, in your own unique way. This book provides a roadmap for achieving deeper self-understanding, and includes clear steps for reshaping your life stories, awakening your authenticity, and finding meaning, direction, and purpose.

This book, and the free access to the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) instrument that comes with it, reveals how we can live our archetypal stories more consciously and powerfully. Its larger purpose is to develop our narrative intelligence and our capacity to recognize story patterns in ourselves and in the world as a fundamental life skill.

The experience of reading the book is a call to authenticity and potential greatness, providing benefits to many professional and personal situations, including instructors and students in creative writing and game-making classes, coaches, counselors, consultants and their clients, and anyone wanting to help team members work together more effectively.

Dr. Pearson, coauthor of the PMAI® assessment, internationally recognized scholar, and well-known author of numerous books, shares actionable ideas, theories and data throughout the book. Readers will find two rich sets of archetype descriptions to help recognize archetypal patterns in our inner and outer life, along with numerous inspiring examples of how people utilize this knowledge to enhance their lives.

So many of us today are yearning for greater depth, and we can use archetypal stories as portals to find that depth as we engage in the practical tasks of living moral and productive lives. What Stories Are You Living? provides motivation and energy to live authentic lives by revealing evocative images, characters, and narratives to help us life our best life story.

"In her newest book, Pearson's lifetime devotion to illuminating twelve archetypes that flow in and out of the hero's journey is provocatively and vividly in evidence. She fleshes out the ineffable and mysterious in ways that every reader can relate to. Her theme throughout is that consciousness makes the difference: for the individual, the culture, indeed the planet itself. In the end, Pearson's work is in line with the ancient ideal that self-knowledge is key to living a better life. Her efforts throughout serve this higher calling."

--Angelo Spoto, M.A., Licensed Mental Health Counselor and author of Jung’s Typology in Perspective

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2021 CAPT
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