Differentiated Coaching

A Framework for Helping Teachers Change
 Jane A. G. Kise
Differentiated Coaching
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An exciting new book from an author well-versed in psychological type and its various applications. Here Kise explores the keys for how change can be facilitated so that everyone involved gets the most out of the process and the results. Focusing on teachers and the many demands of the classroom, administration, and community, Kise offers sound advice for helping teachers cope and excel in a complicated and often frustrating environment. Through the use of type, Kise narrows in on key elements for effective staff development and then provides a model that identifies beliefs, needs, and learning styles of teachers. This book provides helpful information and details for principals, administrators, staff development teams, teachers, and coaches.

252 pages Paperback
2006 Distributed Product
ISBN 1-4129-1643-7

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