Navigating Your Career

How understanding your personality leads to a more rewarding work life
 Charles R. Martin
Navigating Your Career
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What do those four letters mean, and how can you apply them to your daily life? Those letters are just the beginning! Each of CAPT's Type for Life® Guides (PDF download) provides an easy and uncomplicated way of understanding how your personality type shapes your approach to life.

The Navigating Your Career guide is intended to help you use your results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment in your career exploration, decision making, and development. Whether you are making early career decisions, thinking about a career change, or exploring your options for career development, the information in this report can be helpful for you.

Research shows that type preferences are indeed linked to career choice, and that every type is represented in every career. This guide can help you use knowledge of your type to clarify how you can find, create or carve out a niche that meets your own career aspirations and sense of self.

Navigating Your Career includes:  

  • A description of your reported type preferences
  • How your type may influence five clusters of behaviors that relate to career exploration, choice, and development
  • A list of career interest areas and occupations often found to be more attractive or less attractive to persons with your type preferences
  • Environments, tasks, and roles your type may find appealing
  • Suggestions on how to use the information in this guide and sources for learning more

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