Resolving Conflict

How your personality influences difficult interactions with other people
 Sondra VanSant
Resolving Conflict
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What do those four letters mean, and how can you apply them to your daily life? Those letters are just the beginning! Each of CAPT's Type for Life® Guides (PDF download) provides an easy and uncomplicated way of understanding how your personality type shapes your approach to life.

Living and working together can be a challenge. Managing and resolving conflict through mutual understanding becomes easier once you know about your personality type.

The Resolving Conflict guide will help you identify your natural inclinations and skills when a conflict occurs and explore how to build on those strengths to negotiate a resolution more effectively, especially with people who grasp information and make decisions differently from you.

Certainly conflict is due to more than type differences. But the way each of us uses our minds differently can become part of the problem and may sometimes be the basis for the conflict. This useful guide shows how your personality influences difficult interactions with other people, and how everyone’s perspective has value in the process of conflict resolution.

Resolving Conflict includes: 

  • A description of your reported type preferences
  • Common conflict triggers for your personality type
  • Emotional and physical behaviors you may exhibit when dealing with conflict
  • Use of personal space during conflict
  • Your conflict-management style
  • Seven steps to developing a collaborative problem-solving process

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