Discovering You

How your personality shapes your approach to life
 Charles R. Martin
Discovering You
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What do those four letters mean, and how can you apply them to your daily life? Those letters are just the beginning! Each of CAPT's Type for Life® Guides (PDF download) provides an easy and uncomplicated way of understanding how your personality type shapes your approach to life.

The Discovering You guide will help you understand the role psychological type plays in everyday living. Whether you simply want to learn more about yourself, examine your relationships with others at home or in the workplace, or explore your career options, the information in this report can be very helpful for you.

Research shows that many choices we make in life are influenced to some degree by our psychological type preferences. This guide will help you come to understand your preferences and personality type more completely.

Discovering You includes:
  • A basic introduction to each of the four dimensions of type, and a description of how the preferences you indicated may find expression in your everyday life
  • A detailed description of your type. The four preferences combine in complex ways, and this description examines the role of type in many different areas of your life
  • Examples of how your personality type functions when at your best, as well as information about how you may function when under stress


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