Building Better Relationships

Using the lens of personality to help couples thrive
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Building Better Relationships
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What do those four letters mean, and how can you apply them to your daily life? Those letters are just the beginning! Each of CAPT's Type for Life® Guides (PDF download) provides an easy and uncomplicated way of understanding how your personality type shapes your approach to life.

Making your relationship work is one of your most important and challenging life goals, and using the lens of personality can help couples thrive. Insights related to your personality type can be very helpful for improving your close relationships because the foundation of type theory is that different ways of seeing the world and making decisions are all natural and all equally valuable.

Building Better Relationships will provide you with information about your MBTI® type and the type of your partner. This comprehensive guide includes type-specific insights for both of you, along with detailed descriptions of the effect of each of your MBTI preferences on your relationship. Understanding and appreciating both differences and similarities can help bring you closer and reveal ways to enjoy each other more.

Building Better Relationships includes: 

  • A description of your reported type preferences—for both of you
  • An overview of how people of your type might relate to one another and live together
  • Communication styles and how they can be challenging or can lead to misunderstanding or disagreement
  • How conflict provides opportunities to discuss values and gives each of you a chance to grow
  • Insights for each of you on different styles of displaying affection and compassion
  • Strategies for discussing money issues openly and agreeing on an approach that meets the needs of both partners
  • Your approaches to doing chores and assuming responsibility for dealing with the necessities of daily living

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