Statistics & Measurement

An Introduction
 Ray M. Zeisset
Statistics & Measurement
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In this new edition of Statistics and Measurement: An Introduction, Ray Zeissett offers a fresh approach to the study of statistical research with step-by-step instructions, practical definitions of key terms, and quizzes to test understanding.

Originally published to support psychologists in the study of test manuals and research literature, this revised edition provides a broader scope that includes examples from a variety of interest areas and a new section about how to critically read and evaluate research papers.

Focused on a wider audience, Statistics & Measurements is dedicated to helping you become at ease with statistical concepts and techniques that often appear overwhelming at first. The author acts as a mentor to help you unlock the "code" within all those numbers. Even if you have a background in statistics, this book can help you understand the subject in ways you never have before. Numbers are crucial to providing the proof we need to test and verify theories that are significant parts of today’s academic research. And as the author reminds us, statistics are "numbers with a story to tell."

210 pages Paperback
2010 CAPT
ISBN 13 978-0-935652-90-1