CAPT Catalog Product List

16 Types Icon Placard Set
16 Types Personality Type Placard Set
A Clinician's Guide to Foundational Story Psychotherapy
A Princess and Her Garden
Adaptive Coaching
Applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® in Counseling
Applied Jungian Psychology
Applied Jungian Psychology Home Study Exam
Applied Jungian Psychology Home Study Exam and Book
Archetype of the Spirit
Archetypes for Spiritual Direction
Awakening the Heroes Within
Breakthrough Creativity
Building A Living Type Table
Building Better Relationships
Building People, Building Programs
Career Counselor's Package
Communication Patterns
Conscience and Jung's Moral Vision
Contributions Made by Each Preference to Each Type
Decision Making and Type
Depth Coaching
Descriptions of the Sixteen Types
Developing The Skills And Qualities Of The Eight Function-Attitudes
Differentiated Coaching
Differentiated School Leadership
Discovering Type with Teens
Discovering You
Diversity Exercise: A Living Type Table Activity for Use With or Without MBTI Feedback
Diving In
Eight Function Attitudes
ENFJ Icon Placard
ENFJ Personality Type Placard
ENFJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ENFP Icon Placard
ENFP Personality Type Pin
ENFP Personality Type Placard
ENFP TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ENTJ Icon Placard
ENTJ Personality Type Pin
ENTJ Personality Type Placard
ENTJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ENTP Icon Placard
ENTP Personality Type Pin
ENTP Personality Type Placard
ENTP TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ESFJ Icon Placard
ESFJ Personality Type Pin
ESFJ Personality Type Placard
ESFJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ESFP Icon Placard
ESFP Personality Type Pin
ESFP Personality Type Placard
Essentials of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Assessment
Essentials of the MBTI® Assessment Home Study Exam
Essentials of the MBTI® Assessment Home Study Exam and Book
ESTJ Icon Placard
ESTJ Personality Type Pin
ESTJ Personality Type Placard
ESTJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ESTP Icon Placard
ESTP Personality Type Pin
ESTP Personality Type Placard
Exploring Personality Type: Creating a Personal Path for Success
Exploring Personality Type: Discovering My Best And Your Best
Exploring Personality Type: Discovering My Strengths and Stretches
Facet Sayings and Songs
Father, Son and Healing Ghosts
Flex® Care
Flex® Leader's Guide
Flex® Sell
Flex® Talk
Great Leadership
Great Minds Don't Think Alike!
Health Care Communication Using Personality Type
I Am a Good Student—Elementary School Verification Activity
I Am a Good Student—High School Verification Activity
I Am a Good Student—Middle/Junior High School Verification Activity
Ideas and Evidence
INFJ Icon Placard
INFJ Personality Type Pin
INFJ Personality Type Placard
INFJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
INFP Icon Placard
INFP Personality Type Pin
INFP Personality Type Placard
INFP TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
Intimacy and Type
INTJ Icon Placard
INTJ Personality Type Pin
INTJ Personality Type Placard
INTJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
INTP Icon Placard
INTP Personality Type Pin
INTP Personality Type Placard
INTP TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
Is Your Genius at Work?
ISFJ Icon Placard
ISFJ Personality Type Pin
ISFJ Personality Type Placard
ISFJ TypeNotes Post-it® Pads
ISFP Icon Placard
ISFP Personality Type Pin
ISFP Personality Type Placard
ISTJ Icon Placard
ISTJ Personality Type Placard
ISTP Icon Placard
ISTP Personality Type Pin
ISTP Personality Type Placard
Job Shift
Joining the Entrepreneurial Elite
Journal of Psychological Type®
Jung's Typology in Perspective
Juris Types
Just Middle Manager
KGI Felicity Poster
KGI Felicity T-shirt
KGI® Manual
Klein Group Instrument® (KGI®) Group Administration
Klein Group Instrument® (KGI®) Individual Administration
Knowing Me, Knowing God
Leadership and Type
Leadership Development
Leadership Transformation
Leading with Soul
Let's Split the Difference
Looking at Type® and Learning Styles
Looking at Type® and Spirituality
Looking at Type® and Spirituality Home Study Exam
Looking at Type® and Spirituality Home Study Exam and Book
Looking at Type® Booklet
Looking at Type® in the Workplace
Looking at Type® Series
Looking at Type® Talking Points
Looking at Type® Training Kit
Looking at Type®: The Fundamentals
Looking at Type®: Your Career
Magic at Work
Making a Difference by Being Yourself
Making Effective Career Decisions
Management and Leadership Styles: Type Related Issues
Management Implications of Type
Manager Communications and Type
MBTI® Step III™ Answer Sheets
MBTI® Challenge Cards
MBTI® Introduction
MBTI® Introduction Workbook
MBTI® Step II Poster Kit
MBTI® Step III™ Manual
MBTI® Step III™ Question Booklets
MBTI® Step I™ Poster Kit
MBTI® Type Table Poster
MMTIC Online Elementary
MMTIC Online High School
MMTIC Online Middle School
MMTIC® Career Report
MMTIC® Certification Printed Course Content
MMTIC® Facilitator Interface
MMTIC® Online Student Administration
MMTIC® Professional Report
MMTIC® Professional Verified Type Report
MMTIC® Raised Hands Poster
MMTIC® Raised Hands T-Shirt
MMTIC® Student Verified Type Report
MMTIC® Test Preparation Report
Most Excellent Differences
Murder Yet To Come
Navigating Your Career
One of a Kind
Out of the Box
Out of Time
Pathways to Integrity
Pathways to Integrity Home Study Exam
Pathways to Integrity Home Study Exam and Book
Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® (PMAI®) Instrument (online)
People Types & Tiger Stripes
Persephone Rising
Personality Type and Stress
Please Understand Me II
PMAI Core Report
PMAI Core Report
PMAI Core Report
PMAI Expanded Report
PMAI Expanded Report
PMAI Expanded Report
PMAI Upgrade to Expanded
PMAI Upgrade to Expanded
PMAI Upgrade to Expanded
PMAI® Manual
PMAI® Facilitator Interface
Portraits of Self-Esteem
Portraits of Type
Poster: Excellence and the Mental Functions
Poster: The Eight Preferences
Poster: Zig-Zag™ Process for Problem Solving
Profile of Your MBTI® Results
Psyche at Work
Psychological Types at Work
Pumpkin Soup
Raising Your Spirited Child
Recovery From Loss
Resolving Conflict
Resonant Leadership
Self-Promotion for Introverts®
Shape Up Your Program
Soul Types
Stages of Understanding Type
Statistics & Measurement
Still True to Type
Strategies for Success
Stress: How the Types Respond
Talking in Type
Teamwork Analysis Exercise
The 4 Temperaments Workbook
The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
The Art of Dialogue
The Basic Three: Three Quick Steps That Put Type to Work
The Chemistry of Personality
The Developing Child
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
The Hero and the Outlaw
The Hero Within
The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child
The Introvert Advantage
The Leader's Window
The Next Level
The Portable Jung
The Tao of Jung
The Undiscovered Self
Three Keys to Self-Understanding
Time Management for Unmanageable People
Trainer's Tool Box
Twenty Questions
Type and Families Kit
Type and Spirituality Kit
Type Dynamics
Type in Education Kit
Type Table Grids
Type Tales (Hardcover)
Type Tales (Paperback)
Type Tales Home Study Exam
Type Tales Home Study Exam and Book
Unbalanced Influence
Understanding the Type Table
Using the MBTI® Instrument in Colleges and Universities
Valuing All the Preferences in the Workplace
Verifying Type with Students
Verifying Your Type Preferences
Was That Really Me?
Was That Really Me? Home Study Exam
Was That Really Me? Home Study Exam and Book
What Stories Are You Living?
What's Your Career Search Style?
When Opposites Dance
Which Type Am I? Clarifying Your Best-Fit Type
Who Do You Want on Your Team?
Wired for Conflict
Women and the Leadership Q
Words to Help Understanding of Type Concepts
Working Together
Working with Teams Package
Write from the Start
Write From the Start Home Study CE Exam
Write From the Start Home Study CE Exam and Book
Your Personality and the Spiritual Life
Your Pet's Personality!
Your Results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Instrument
Zig-Zag™ Process for Problem Solving