Discover Your Archetypes

About Archetypes

This quick and easy to read primer on archetypes explains how ancient prototypical stories can lend meaning to the complexity of our modern world.

Using Archetypes

Understanding archetypal profiles and the strengths and challenges of different archetypes has four major applications: personal development of underused strengths, assessment of an organization's culture and alignment, assessment of personal job satisfaction, and branding for organizations, products, and individuals.

Archetype Descriptions

In Introduction to Archetypes, twelve archetypes are presented. In the two sample descriptions provided, the Creator is described and addresses such patterns as "At your best, As a Leader" and more. Also, read a description of a Ruler culture to see if it fits with what you know.

The Authors

Biographies of Carol S. Pearson, Ph.D., author, world authority on archetypes, and coauthor of the PMAI instrument; Hugh K. Marr, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice.