Journal of Psychological Type® (JPT)

White Papers

JPT White Papers (JPT-WP) are stand-alone documents presenting information from CAPT research studies. JPT White Papers inform readers about our research, point to new ways of thinking about type, offer potential implications for practice, and suggest directions for further studies.

Research Digest

The annual Research Digest (JPT-RD) summarizes select research articles from peer-reviewed journals in the previous year that contribute to the practice and/or theory of psychological type and the MBTI® instrument. A Field Notes section alerts readers to other type-related research activities and publications, such as white papers, theses, and dissertations.


The Journal of Psychological Type (JPT) is an international publication founded in 1977 and is the premiere journal for research, theory and applications in the field of psychological type. The Library has the complete run of JPT. All issues and articles are available in PDF form from the MILO™ catalog.