Can you change your personality type?

From People Types and Tiger Stripes, written by Gordon Lawrence and published by CAPT.

Scores in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument can be changed depending on how you answer the questions. Score changes can result in a report of a different type. Jung seemed to believe that each person has a true type that he or she may not yet have discovered. The true type does not change, although it may seem to as one focuses on developing different mental processes at different stages of one's life. Behaviors can change, of course, but their roots remain the same.

However, there are many reasons you might take the MBTI instrument two different times and come out different types. You might still be discovering your preferences and trying them on for size. Or you might be working especially hard to develop one of the mental processes, so that you report it on the MBTI instrument with stronger than usual emphasis. Or, you might take the MBTI instrument one time as your "job self," responding as you see yourself acting on the job, and you might take it another time as your "home self," responding as you see yourself in your home environment. If your type differs in two reports, this fact may lead to interesting information about yourself. As you cast your thoughts back to your frame of mind when you were answering the questions, consider how it may have affected your reporting of yourself and whether it reflects your true type.