Doesn't personality type fence you in?

From People Types and Tiger Stripes, written by Gordon Lawrence and published by CAPT.

Not if you understand it. An understanding of type frees you in several ways. It gives you confidence in your own direction of development — the areas in which you can become excellent with the most ease and pleasure. It can also reduce the guilt many people feel at not being able to do everything in life equally well. As Isabel Myers put it, "For most people, really understanding their own type in particular, and other people's types in general, is a releasing experience rather than a restricting one. It sets one free to recognize one's own natural bent and to trust one's own potential for growth and excellence, with no obligation to copy anyone else, however admirable that person may be in his or her own different way." Finally, acknowledging your own preferences opens the possibility of finding constructive values instead of conflicts in the differences you encounter with someone whose preferences are opposite yours.