Suggestions for Publishing Your Research/Article

Writings on type ideas, theories and research can certainly find a home in informal online venues (e.g., blogs, forums, online popular press publication). This is an important and appropriate activity for stimulating thought, discussion and focused research. CAPT does also encourage publication of type research in peer-reviewed academic journals. This section provides some guidelines and suggestions for finding an appropriate home for the publication of your research and ideas.

Finding an appropriate venue/journal and crafting your article

There is likely more than one appropriate journal where you can submit your type research.

Begin by revisiting the literature review you did of the research topic. Pull out the strongest, most interesting articles. How is their research framed? Is it focused on a topic (e.g., about personality itself, a psychological phenomenon such as empathy, leadership)? Is it framed by the professional reader/audience (such as psychotherapists, social workers, or school administrators) or by the population of participants (older/younger adults, a specific ethnic group, PTSD clients, specific health concerns, etc.)? You can also go through the bibliography of these articles and see where the literature they referenced is published.

Create a list of journals that seem like a good fit for your work and review them one at a time. Review the journal’s table of contents for their last several issues: does this seem like a good fit for your research? Access the journal’s submission guidelines and draw up some possible outlines for how to present your research for publication in this journal.

Experts in academic publishing sometimes recommend that you craft a really good abstract and send this to the editor of the journal to assess interest before writing the entire article. This can take time waiting for editors to respond. You can also simply write the article and submit it to your top-rated journal.

Be aware that you should be crafting your research article to the guidelines, interests, and zeitgeist of that specific journal. It’s easier to get published in journals where you demonstrate a good fit; a good fit means your research topic and results are compelling to the typical reader of the journal.

Would the audience of that journal find your work interesting, applicable, thought provoking, or controversial?

Remember that even though your research study involves type, it may not be best framed as a type study. It may have more impact as a novel way to understand learning deficits, or of addressing the coping skills of veterans with PTSD, or the way different types of people manage major change in their lives.

Possible venues for publishing research and articles on type

Note that for all of these possible venues, the article needs to be oriented in a way that fits the mission and readership of that publication. For example, if you were seeking publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the focus of your article should be on, for example, differences between implicit and explicit personality assessment—rather than on the MBTI® instrument. The instrument is only part of the method used to answer the research question.

The following two links take you to list of possible venues for publishing your research and articles on type, the MBTI instrument and Jungian topics.

Note that these lists are by no means exhaustive, but do reflect some of the many possible appropriate homes for your research and articles on type, MBTI instrument, and Jung.

When your article is published, let us know of your success! We would very much appreciate having a copy for the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library and to be able to include it as a reference in Mary & Isabel's Library Online MILO® catalog.