Research Support

CAPT Research supports research conducted by graduate students (under the supervision of qualified investigators) and professionals (academic or practitioner-oriented) who want to explore or investigate their research ideas. Below, we offer an avenue for professionals and graduate students to obtain bulk or additional discounts for assessments, and we also describe some of CAPT’s research activities and collaborations.

Note: Research Services does not provide graduate-level research design, methodology, or data analyses consultation that is more appropriately procured through the researcher’s department or student’s committee.

Assessments for Use in Research

Professional researchers and students are often interested in conducting research on type, archetypes and other topics that depend on CAPT assessments. The Research Department is interested in new research that illuminates the constructs underlying these assessments, as well as research into applications of the assessments and ideas in peoples’ lives and work.

For professionals and students who want to request assessments for use in their research, please refer to the instructions below for the assessments you wish to use.

Requests for MBTI® Assessments for Research

To request MBTI® assessments for research, you will need to contact the publisher of the MBTI instrument, The Myers-Briggs Company.

  • You can go directly to the The Myers-Briggs Company Research page to learn more about options for using the MBTI assessment in your research. On this page choose "Support for Researchers", which outlines how to obtain access to the MBTI assessment for research purposes. You can also follow links to read their white papers and technical briefs.

Requests for Research Discounts for MMTIC®, PMAI® or KGI® Assessments (CAPT Assessments)

Graduate students or professionals interested in research discounts for CAPT assessments can potentially make use of two kinds of discounts: (1) bulk purchase discounts, and (2) requests for further research discounts.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Researchers who want to use CAPT assessments in their research may take advantage of bulk purchase discounts on two CAPT assessments—the MMTIC and PMAI instruments. This mode of discount is straightforward and does not require an application or completion of a research project description.

  • MMTIC – The CAPT website catalog lists current discounts for bulk purchases of the online MMTIC assessment. Discounts are larger as increasing quantities are purchased: 15% discount (for 50-99 assessments), 20% (for 100-399), and 25% (for 400+).
  • PMAI – Discounts for bulk purchases of the online PMAI assessment follow the same discount schedule as the MMTIC assessment. The discount will be handled through CAPT customer service.
  • KGI – Bulk discounts are not automatically available for the KGI instrument. Researchers who wish to receive a research discount for the KGI instrument will need to complete a brief research project description as noted below.

Requests for Further Research Discounts for CAPT Assessments (MMTIC®, PMAI®, KGI®)

If you are a researcher who wants more than the bulk purchase assessment discount for CAPT-published assessments (i.e., MMTIC, PMAI, KGI), you will need to provide a brief project description to potentially obtain a research discount. The project description must include the following:

  1. Project Title
  2. Investigators and Academic or other Affiliation
  3. Brief Rationale for the Research Study
  4. Research Question(s)
  5. Brief List of Methods & Procedures
  6. Expected Number of Participants/Assessments
  7. Verification of Ethical Use with Human Subjects
Please submit your project description to .

Research Collaborations and Support

The CAPT research team encourages and supports research in type and archetypes and at times works with other researchers through various levels of collaboration, dependent on the research study topic, our current research focus, and availability of resources. CAPT is interested in studies that provide validity and applications data for its published assessments, as well as thoughtful studies on the role type and archetypes in activities that encourage human development and the constructive use of differences. Areas of research that interest CAPT, as well as past and current research activities may be found here at CAPT Research Projects.