MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program


Class Overview

The MBTI® Step III™ instrument completes Isabel Myers' extensive work on type development, an aspect of typology that she began to study quite early in her development of the Indicator. Myers' overriding goal was not only to give people access to their Jungian type but also to help them make the most effective use of that type—to develop their type as fully as possible.

Myers' extensive research was studied, tested, and enhanced by a team of type experts. The result is the most highly individualized interpretive report available for assessing healthy personality. The Step III instrument is suitable for users skilled in one-to-one client interactions, such as counselors, therapists, and coaches.

The goal of the MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program is to give participants sufficient knowledge of the Step III approach, as well as experience with report interpretation, so they feel competent and confident as they begin to use the report with clients.

Sample MBTI® Step III™ Reports

The “5 for 5” Scholarship Program

Katharine D. Myers, Co-Guardian of the MBTI assessments, is funding a grant program called “The 5 for 5 Program”. Katharine will refund $500 toward the cost of MBTI Step III certification tuition in exchange for using the assessment with 5 clients within 5 months of the certification program and obtaining 5 client evaluations of the assessment for the Step III data bank.

Attendees to the program will receive the forms for tracking the five clients, and after successfully completing both the certification program and the “5 for 5” program, participants will receive the $500 grant—a significant reduction in the cost of the training.


The MBTI Step III instrument and Interpretive Report are available for purchase and use only by those professionals who:

  • Have a Master's degree or higher in an approved field
  • Work with clients in a one-to-one counseling, coaching, or therapeutic relationship, with a minimum of two years of experience
  • Have successfully completed the MBTI® Certification program, which gives attendees the required credentials to purchase and use the MBTI Step I™ and Step II™ assessments, or complete another approved training program that teaches the theory of psychological type and how it is used to help people increase self-awareness and develop skills for more effective living
  • Successfully complete the MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program with the recommendation of the instructor


To register for this class you must meet the first three requirements. Click here to complete the application form.

Daily Schedule 8:30am–5:00pm


The pre-workshop materials and the on-site two day MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program cover:

  • The Isabel Briggs Myers approach to personality development
  • The underlying assumptions of type development theory and the Step III instrument
  • Construction, reliability, and validity evidence that supports Step III development and its applications
  • The nature and definitions of the scales and patterns that form the basis for the statements and suggestions included in the Step III™ Interpretive Report
  • How to use dialogue as the centerpiece of the interpretive experience
  • Ways to consider the client's personality type as a context for interpreting the Step III report
  • How to conceptualize, discuss, and interpret report contents in an affirming manner in order to promote positive growth and development

Tuition includes:

  • All required course materials are included with tuition, including the MBTI® Step III™ Manual. Due to the amount of pre-work we recommend that you register at least 30 days prior to the start of the course.
  • After you have completed your own Step III questionnaire prior to the workshop, you will receive an individual Step III phone feedback session with a Step III professional. This will be arranged through CAPT and will take approximately 60-75 minutes. This feedback session is critical to the training and must be completed before you arrive for the onsite program, so please allow for this in your preparation time.
  • Two free Step III booklets and five free answer sheets
  • Certificate

In addition, participants will be able to practice what they have learned in a variety of exercises, one-to-one interactions, and group discussions.

To learn more about the Step III assessment, including some commonly asked questions, go to About the MBTI® Step III™ Work.

Who Should Attend

Individuals with an advanced degree in a helping profession such as: counselors, therapists, psychologists, school psychologists, certified coaches that meet the additional requirements necessary for attendance.

Schedule & Registration

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Approved CE hours for this program CE hours
National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) 14
HR Certification Institute (HRCI) 14
Florida Department of Health (FDOH) 14
MBTI® Master Practitioner Credential Program (MPCP) 14

All of CAPT's CE Credits

The publisher reserves the right to modify the Step III requirements at any time. Approval to attend the certification program is subject to further review at any time at the sole discretion of the publisher.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

You may reschedule one time only at no additional charge, but you must notify the CAPT Training Department in writing 21 days prior to the start of the program, providing the registration has been paid in full. If the registration has not been paid in full, then full payment is required before a date transfer can be made.

If you reschedule after the 21-day cutoff or have subsequent transfers, a fee of $200 will be due immediately for each instance.

Cancellations must be received in writing 7 business days prior to the start of the program, and are subject to a $250 administrative fee.

Cancellations after the 7-day cutoff and no-shows will forfeit 50% of the tuition. Materials are not refundable.

CAPT is not responsible for any travel expenses that may occur from rescheduling a registration.

In the event that CAPT must cancel a class we will give you as much advance notice as possible. CAPT will make every effort to accommodate your needs and rebook you in a different class. CAPT is not responsible for any travel expenses that may occur from the cancellation of a scheduled class. The publisher reserves the right to modify the Step III requirements at any time. Approval to attend the certification program is subject to further review at any time at the sole discretion of the publisher.