On-site Training

Consider the many benefits of on-site training:
Economical: eliminate travel and hotel costs.

Flexible: choose dates that work for you.

Great ROI: more employees can attend.

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On-Site Training Makes Sense

Sending an MBTI® expert to your company or organization, as a teacher and mentor, delivers a cost-effective way to build targeted knowledge with employees, colleagues, and professional associates.

And the most important benefit of a customized approach to training is that the organization's leadership team gets to define—and decide—what kind of educational experience best meets the organization's needs.

The extra bonus arrives when travel costs are eliminated through an "in–house" program. Tuition costs are also less per person when more people are able to participate.

The result? The more people you include in the program (up to 40), the more cost effective the program becomes.

On-site training also allows you to focus on your most important organizational needs, and we have experts who often lead on–site workshops related to such topics as:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development, and
  • Career Enhancement

But remember, we customize programs in order to meet your unique organizational needs. Let us know if you are interested in a customized on-site applications program, and together we will discuss the details and come up with a plan that best meets your training needs. Contact us

On-site MBTI® Certification Program

When individuals attend a 4 day MBTI® Certification Program they are immersed in the topic of psychological type and leave the program as a certified professional user. Corporate decision makers, especially of large companies or organizations, may want to invest in an on-site MBTI® Certification Program where more than a few people are able to be trained.

The Myers-Briggs Company, the publisher of the MBTI® instrument, offers the on-site MBTI® Certification program where a qualified faculty member travels to corporate headquarters, or a designated location.

If you are interested in a publicly offered MBTI® Certification Program, where internal educational trainers, department managers or executive leaders want to learn more, go to The Myers & Briggs Foundation MBTI® Certification Program. These publicly offered programs are scheduled in a number of cities throughout the US.