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BETSY STYRON, M.A. (INTP) is President and CEO of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT).  Prior to coming to CAPT, Betsy was an organizational development consultant with many years of experience in using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument. As the leader of CAPT for over 10 years, she is the principle “keeper of the flame” in carrying on the work of Isabel Myers and Mary McCaulley, the founders of CAPT.

Betsy has a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of Florida and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. She is a member of CAPT’s board of directors, as well as the board of The Myers & Briggs Foundation.  She has directed the marketing, advertising, and business development efforts of several major organizations, including a local HCA hospital and the University of Florida’s public television and radio stations, both part of the College of Journalism and Communications. In addition to the leadership that she provides for CAPT, Betsy is a writer and is very involved in the development of many of CAPT’s publications and assessments.

CHARLES R. MARTIN, Ph.D. (INTJ) was Vice President of Research and Development for the Center for Applications of Psychological Type.  Charles is a licensed psychologist who also maintains a private psychotherapy practice; his background includes work in transpersonal psychology, mind-body health, career work, and gender studies. Charles speaks and delivers training workshops nationally and internationally and has extensive experience providing coaching and consulting services in business, educational, government, and healthcare settings.

Charles blogs for The Huffington Post and has written extensively in the field of type.  Among other publications, Charles is the author of Looking at Type®: The Fundamentals and Looking at Type®: Your Career, and he is the co-author of Building People, Building Programs: A Practitioner's Guide for Introducing the MBTI to Individuals and Organizations and Out of the Box, a book of type-related exercises for building teams. He received his doctorate in counseling psychology at the University of Florida and his M.A. Ed. and B.A. degrees at Wake Forest University.

GAIL K. ELLISON, Ph.D. (INFP) works at the nexus of psychology and images, both written and visual. A graduate of UCLA, Gail was for many years a West coast photographer, graphic designer, and writer who incorporated graduate study in human development, narrative psychology, and oneirology (the study of dreams).

Her interest in metaphors of illness and healing led to becoming Writer-in-Residence at Shands HealthCare and Adjunct Faculty in the University of Florida College of Fine Arts and College of Medicine. For her work with patients, staff, and medical students, Gail received Honorable Mention in the Blair Sadler International Healing Arts Competition. Her work with Shands Arts in Medicine is reflected in the PBS documentary Healing Words: Poetry & Medicine.

Expanding her interest in human development, Gail achieved MBTI® Certification, participated in various training workshops offered by CAPT, and led a team of students who designed CAPT's website for young people: www.typecan.com. She also co-taught an elective on psychological type for students in the UF College of Medicine.

Gail’s current manuscripts include Reflective Writing in Medical Education and House Dreams: a Doorway to Consciousness. Her text for a book of photographs by Michael Paul Smith— Elgin Park: An Ideal American Town—will be released in 2011 by Random House/Prestel.

JEAN KUMMEROW, Ph.D. (ESTJ) is a licensed psychologist/consultant/author/trainer with her own business in St. Paul, Minnesota. She trains professionals internationally in the use of psychological instruments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Step I™, the MBTI Step II™ and the Strong Interest Inventory® instruments. She applies type in leadership/management development and coaching, team building, and career counseling settings and has worked with a variety of for-profit, non-profit and government organizations, including the Blandin Foundation, an organization committed to strengthening rural communities in Minnesota through developing community leaders.

She is an author of numerous MBTI-related publications including the MBTI Step II Interpretive Report, the MBTI Step II User’s Guide, Understanding Your MBTI Step II Results, and Working with MBTI Step II Results. Her chapter “Uses of Type in Career Counseling” appears in the MBTI Manual. Her Step I materials include Introduction to Type® in Organizations, LIFETypes, WORKTypes and the Strong + MBTI Career Development Guide and Workbook.  Her edited book, New Directions in Career Planning and the Workplace received a Choice award for its cutting-edge work.

She has authored a number of CAPT handouts and exercises and has several articles published in the Journal of Psychological Type (JPT) on type verification, team building and community leadership. She received JPT’s award for the “Best Application of Psychological Type” for her article, “Examining type bias and inclusivity: Lessons from ethnic identity viewpoints.”

Her B.A. is from Grinnell College in Iowa and her M.A. and Ph.D. are in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology from the University of Minnesota.

ROB ROTHSCHILD, M.A. (INFP) is Vice President of Marketing and Development for the Center for Applications of Psychological Type (CAPT). Rob brings to CAPT his 25 years of experience in media production, marketing, instructional design, and strategic planning. Although fairly new to the world of personality type, Rob is MBTI® Certified and is responsible for promoting CAPT's broad range of training programs, assessments, and publications.

With degrees in Telecommunication and Mass Communication from the University of Florida, Rob has written, produced, and directed a broad range of award-winning programming for public radio, including National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition,” and several news and cultural affairs programs for NPR affiliates in Florida. Rob served as Director of Sales and Marketing for the commercial audio manufacturer Sabine, Inc., where he was responsible for all phases of the sales cycle.

In his work with the ArtThread Foundation Rob designed the curriculum and supporting materials for the “Work of Art” program, a 21st-century skill-building program for students with disabilities. He has conducted train-the-trainer sessions for the state of Florida’s Project 10: Transition Education Network and for VSA arts of Florida, and he has presented at the International Conference of the Society for Arts in Healthcare, the Florida Occupational Therapy Association, the National Arts and Disabilities Center, and Carnegie Mellon University.

SUSAN SCANLON, (INFJ), published a well-known newsletter called The Type Reporter for 25 years. This journal covered a wide range of topics, including, “The Manager’s Toolbox,” “Can You Sell to All Types?,” “Type and the Brain,” and “Thinking Women, Feeling Men.” The material in The Type Reporter was drawn from interviews with people of all the types, or from interviews with experts on type. Each issue focused on practical applications of type theory, and making type dynamics visible and real in everyday life. The final issue was published in 2009, but the timeless back issues are still in print, and are a valuable source of information on how to recognize and solve problems related to type differences.  

Before starting The Type Reporter, Susan earned a B.A. from Ohio University and worked as a freelance writer in the Washington, D.C. area. During that time, she wrote the first article about the MBTI assessment to appear in the Washington Post (May 1983). It became one of the newspaper’s most requested articles and was included in a collection of the best of the Washington Post Style Section.

In order to respond to her children’s personalities and learning styles, Susan homeschooled her son and daughter through elementary and high school. She was active in a large homeschooling community, writing for homeschooling publications, organizing classes and field trips, and running a writing club for homeschooled teens. She is currently writing a book about that experience to encourage other parents to take this exciting but daunting path.

She is also writing another book with the working title, The Wisdom of Anger, in which she shares techniques for talking to people in an honest and civil way about feelings of anger and needs that are not getting met, and describes the amazing changes these kinds of conversations can make in a relationship.