March Madness

When tax time looms, I hate being an INFP. It's not that I haven't developed a system for keeping track of income and expenditures: in fact, my Excel spreadsheet is a model of artistic craftsmanship. It's just that I see no numbers entered after February 10 of last year. So I need to find figures on receipts piled on my desk or jumbled on the passenger seat of my car (where I also store poetry scribbled on Peets and Starbucks napkins).

All of my health information is on sheets from Humana, many in an unopened stack of incoming mail. I laugh aloud at Humana's slogan: Guidance when you need it most. That would be now, so where are they? I know my account is online. The password must be here somewhere. . .

Then there’s the nagging recollection that the nosey IRS will want to know what I earned and spent. In all these years I've kept them from discovering that my relationship to banking is to pull up to the ATM and hit "Balance Inquiry." If it's greater than zero, I withdraw cash; otherwise, drive on. (The banking info is online too, but that’s another password to find.) Tax time brings up the guillotine terror of finally getting caught faking any resemblance to ISTJ friends.

So it's a stressful time, with panic controlled by self-medication using pints of Talenti gelato (Is that a deductible expense, and if so, is it medical or business?).

I know enough about type that I’ve made attempts to flex my preferences and be better prepared for this March Madness, as in setting up the ultimately unused spreadsheet. I know that my INFP resistance to people telling me what to do doesn’t help, since the IRS is the most imposing authority figure in my life—in league with my tax accountant and his absurd assumption that I should know where I put my W-2 and get it to him before April 14th. The way he shrouds his disdain always reminds me of an adolescent’s comment when I had him read CAPT’s description of his type opposite: “I don’t see how anybody could be like that and live!!

So I’ll press on, thankful for having acquired just enough knowledge of type that I can get through the next week or two without adding self-criticism to the piles.


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  1. Jim

    #1 by Jim - April 9, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    Having long known that I was an INFP, I have come to terms with my unique traits. But in reading this post I recognized myself all over again, and it sent me into a delightful fit of laughter. Very clearly, thoroughly, yet succinctly put. Bravo!
  2. Gail Ellison

    #2 by Gail Ellison - April 18, 2011 at 4:09 PM

    Glad you enjoyed my March Madness post. Now we should check with the CAPT librarian to see whether a researcher is studying the MBTI® preferences of tax filers who applied for an extension! I'd cop to that, so that's n=1.
  3. Don Crosley

    #3 by Don Crosley - June 9, 2011 at 6:09 PM

    Loved your March Madness post. I'm impressed BIG TIME...doing taxes even close to on time, what a novel concept :) Your humor and insight came @ just the right time! Found it while taking a "bunny trail" in the middle of trying to update and submit my Resume' for a job. Fortunately my wife, wonderful ESTJ that she is has always done that little formatting magic for me...unfortunately, she is working out of state, 3 hrs. away...what she could have done in 30 minutes has already turned into a 5 hr. ordeal for me...only made more tolerable and exciting by all the rabbits I have found along the way :) ...Wow, there goes that white rabbit again...woosh....
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