Advantages for Consultants

Consultants readily identify both people and processes improvements that lead to better learning for students, more effective teaching, and increased understanding between school administrators, team leaders, and teachers - all of whom are responsible for student success.

The theory of psychological type is about the development of healthy personality. Results from the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC®) assessment give students an accessible way to learn more about their strengths and stretches, and the differences they might have with friends, teachers, and parents.

This important information contributes to better self-management and forms a foundation for the work of educational consultants who assist and support various education teams in providing excellent learning environments.

The MMTIC instrument gives educators a tool to help kids find their own path to success in academics and in life. In situations where students are struggling, it's often not the skill or the information the student is failing to grasp—it's the manner in which the information is presented. The MMTIC personality type assessment was created as a way for teachers to empower each student and validate their individual learning style and engagement, both in and out of the classroom.

Educational consultants can use knowledge of children’s personality type (and their own) in a variety of ways to foment success for everyone in the educational process.

Assessment and evaluation

  • The MMTIC instrument is backed by years of research and is the only personality type assessment validated for children and young people from grades 2 through 12.
  • The MMTIC® Professional Report provides type-specific information for helping students with learning tasks and relationships, and accepting their own personal learning style.
  • As educational consultants evaluate the emotional, behavioral and learning aspects of students, MMTIC results provide a proven method for empowering self-reliance and acceptance in young people.

Communication and collaboration

  • Consultants need to communicate with all the stakeholders in the education environment - students, parents, teachers, counselors, and administrators. Insights from knowing about personality type can clarify communication styles, resulting in positive team-building and cooperation.
  • Knowledge of personality type gives consultants a fresh perspective on ways to ensure that various departments within a school are on the same page.
  • A solid foundation in type can personally assist and support consultants as they handle the school improvement tasks of planning, implementation, and assessment.


  • Students who seek help with specific academic track or career questions will benefit from learning about their preferred ways of gathering information and making decisions, and these are revealed in MMTIC results.
  • The MMTIC® Career Report helps students narrow their career interests and provides activities and information related to specific opportunities for them to explore, while keeping their type, skills, interests, and values in mind.
  • Knowledge of personality type can help consultants provide students with an objective evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses in relation to their peers, and help ensure positive outcomes for all students.