Privacy Policy for the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, CAPT, Inc.

Welcome to our website’s Privacy Policy. What you read here addresses services offered by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Inc. (hereinafter, "CAPT"), including information-gathering and dissemination practices for the web services at and linked pages (collectively, "website" or "our site").

By submitting your information to us through the creation of a new account, or through an existing account, you agree to the practices described herein.

This website is operated in the United States, and the information collected through it may be retained indefinitely, and may be stored, accessed, or used in jurisdictions whose privacy laws may be different, or less protective, than those of your home jurisdiction.

The underlying principles of this policy

CAPT is committed to protecting the privacy of all those who use our sites. To accomplish this commitment, we will

  1. Respect your privacy
  2. Collect and use personal information only for legitimate reasons
  3. Do our utmost to protect personal information through current technological security
  4. Promote and adhere to the ethical guidelines related to the assessments we publish, distribute, sell, or use for research purposes
  5. Meet current ethical and governmental standards as they relate to research involving people, especially with those projects that involve school aged children
  6. Protect personal information of research participants when engaged in projects with organizations and/or educational entities not legally affiliated with CAPT

We adhere to the above principles as they relate to all websites and domains owned or managed by CAPT, including but not limited to (including,,,,,,, and

The information we collect from those who visit our website

CAPT collects two types of data from people who visit

1) When you come to this website, some information may be automatically collected as part of business operations, including your IP address and navigational information. Your name, address, phone number, email address, password, and other information needed for specific purposes are obtained when you create an online account with us.

2) CAPT also collects survey data from clients who willingly provide that information. These data involve responses to assessment instruments designed to measure personal preferences in how an individual takes in and processes information, or agrees/disagrees with behavioral statements.

CAPT uses tracking technology, referred to as "cookies," which are small text files stored by a browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. These cookies provide a "memory" of website use and enable us to recognize user patterns. CAPT uses this information to track general user patterns in order to improve site performance. The information we gather through the use of tracking technologies is aggregated and cannot be matched with any personally identifiable information about you.

From time to time we may share aggregate data collected through responses given for surveys and/or assessments with other publishers, training organizations, professional groups, or researchers for educational purposes, assessment development, and/or web site improvements. This aggregate information is never associated with your name or other personally identifiable information.

If you provide us with personally identifiable information, we use the information only to the extent necessary to provide you with products, reports, and/or services that you have requested, inquired about, or ordered. Information provided by you in response to assessment forms that are available on our site are available only to authorized CAPT personnel, your designated facilitator, or counselor.

The information we collect and how we use it

CAPT collects information from individuals when an account is created, most commonly for the purpose of enrolling in and paying for an educational program, such as the MMTIC® Certification Program, or purchasing a product such as a book or assessment administration.

When you create an account we will ask for your address, phone number, email address, and information for a method of payment. As a matter of policy, CAPT does not store credit card numbers and will not share customer financial transaction information with any other entity.

CAPT will not share personally identifiable information with entities unrelated to CAPT. We may, however, use such information to notify you of important changes to our website or of special offers, services, or products we think you'll find valuable. You may opt out of these notifications at any time.

CAPT engages in online advertising placements with third party providers, including but not limited to Google and Bing ads. CAPT does not gather personally identifiable information from the "clicks" on these ads, although access to the data gathered by these third party providers is made available to us. Information received by CAPT from these ad placements includes aggregate data on demographics, geographic location, types of web browsers, computers, platforms, internet service providers, or any search terms entered on the referring website. This aggregate data cannot be traced to an individual.

From time to time CAPT will present webinars, online meetings or similar services via third party providers such as GoToMeeting. Users may be able to register for such webinars and services directly with these third party providers, and any personally identifiable information collected by them in connection with these registrations may be shared with CAPT. This information will also be subject to that third party provider's privacy policy. In some cases, users may be able to access an online meeting by registering with CAPT, and, in such situations, any personally identifiable information disclosed during participation in these services would be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

CAPT reserves the right to disclose your personal information if required to do so by law, or in the good faith belief that such action is reasonably necessary to comply with the legal process, response to claims, or to protect the rights, property or safety of CAPT's Board of Directors, its employees, customers, clients, or the general public.

Other than as described above, CAPT does not sell, rent, or provide access to information about its clients and customers to third parties.

Guidelines Regarding Children

Personal information about children is a concern for all of us. At CAPT, we take the protection of children's privacy very seriously. The CAPT website is designed for use by adults, with the exception of the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children (MMTIC®) assessment. The MMTIC® assessment is available only through the password-protected MMTIC® Facilitator Interface. Before a child under the age of thirteen can enter data online for a CAPT assessment - or have it entered for them - written permission from a parent or guardian must be obtained.

Participation in CAPT's Mailing List

As a visitor to our site, you are welcome to register your name on CAPT's mailing list. To do so, simply email us at: . Your participation in this mailing list is voluntary.

If at any time after you have registered your email with us and wish to remove yourself from future mailings and communications, please contact:

If your contact information changes after you have registered for this mailing list, you can update this information by emailing:


CAPT has put stringent security measures in place to protect you from the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Whenever you submit an order to CAPT, you can do so over a secure (i.e., encrypted) connection. This ensures that your personal information is not at risk.

Credit Card Information

We do not store credit card information longer than needed to complete your transaction. To help maintain high levels of security, we request that you do not include any credit card information in email correspondence with CAPT.

Access, data integrity, and CAPT Responsiveness

You may at any time request access to the personal data we have on file for you, subject to verification of the authenticity of the request. You have the right to review this personal information for accuracy, currency, and completeness. CAPT agrees to expeditiously correct such information where allowed and appropriate.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or anything else about our web site or data collection, you can contact us at the following email address: